Previous Officers 2011-2012

Golden Turtle Lion Dance Association Board 2011-2012

Matthew Nguyen
President 2009-2012
Third year – Undergraduate – Biological Science, emphasis in Marine Biology, Music minor.
As president, I manage the club, manage shows, run meetings and make sure that everything runs smoothly in general.
I decided to create the club so that there could be a community where people could feel they could express themselves as well as to spread the art of lion dance. I really enjoy watching people grow as both lion dancers and leaders. The club continuously surprises me even though I’ve been there since the beginning. Random facts: I’ve had gum surgery to have cow bones fused into my jaw bone. I don’t like writing, but I like to read. I prefer sleeping over eating, and I like short walks on the beach. I don’t like long walks. I like blue. Yellow is my favorite color. I like to be difficult sometimes. I like to sing and dance, although, not well. My goal is to indirectly or directly affect one billion lives for the better.
Kyle Pengosro
Vice President 2010-2012
Third year – Undergraduate – Evolutionary Anthropology emphasis, Law and Society Sociology minor emphasis.
Aside from being the vice president, I triple as the club’s Treasurer and a fundraising chair of sorts. I support the other officers and help with whatever needs to be done, acting as the president’s right hand amigo. If the situation calls for it, I stand in the president’s absence. I was introduced to lion dance my freshmen year of college by Matthew. He lied to me. I was hesitant at first because it was a new thing for me. Got over that pretty quick. I’ve been involved with the club since the beginning and decided to stick around exactly for what Matthew wanted to establish: the community. I’ve had some amazing times with these kids so, I figured I’d stick around. Random facts: I’ve ran Tough Mudder NorCal 2011 and a 10k so far, looking forward to more adventure races and eventually a full marathon. San Francisco Giants faithful. If I could sound like anyone in the world, it’d be Michael Buble.
Lincy Han
Events Coordinator 2010-2012
Third year – Undergraduate – Human Development, double minor in Education and Chinese.
I’m your Events Coordinator! I plan all social events to ensure that our members have the opportunity to bond outside of practice. If I never met Matt, I don’t think I would have started lion dancing, but I’m glad I did! Matt made a facebook group, so I joined in support, but I never planned on actually dancing! I stuck around because I found it all to be very interesting and Matt seemed like such a wonderful person to be around. I’m glad that I am part of GTLDA because it has become an important part of my college career. I learned lifelong lessons and skills and gained the most wonderful group of friends that I want to keep in touch with for the rest of my life. I’m also the events coordinator for UCD’s Taiwanese American Organization. I enjoy swimming, working out, eating, taking pictures, and spending time with my friends, family, and amazing boyfriend!
Fiona Lee
Third year – Undergraduate – Neurobiology, Physiology, Behavior (NPB)
As secretary, I book rooms for practice, update contacts, write various documents, sending weekly e-mails, and record meeting minutes. I am also in UC Davis’ Foresight Club, which is a pre-optometry club (which you should come check out if you’re interested!) When I was younger, I used to go to Chinese school in SF and I remember seeing them on weekends as well as parades. I also remember wanting to them because they looked so cute and realistic! One day our freshmen year, I saw Matt dancing around, but I was wondering why there were only two legs- I didn’t bother asking since I didn’t know him yet. Then, the day of the first meeting, he came to Lincy and my room and guilt-tripped us into going. I ended up staying in lion dance because, although I always wanted ot pet the lions, I never imagined I’d be the one dancing inside! When I am not studying or lion dancing, I like to eat, sleep, and hang out with my friends. Come join Lion Dance, it’s a lot of fun! If you have any questions, feel free to contact me, I would love to help! Random facts: I hate all bugs.
David Hsu
Third year – Undergraduate – Biological Science- emphasis in Medical Microbiology, Physics minor
As Equipment Manager, I help to organize, repair, buy, and/or build anything that our club needs. I helped build the benches and scrolls we use, and maintain the quality of the lions. I also drive everything everywhere because I drive a van. I was coerced by Matt to join lion dance because I lived next door to him freshman year in the dorms. He convinced me I’d be great at it because I had strong legs. And he was completely right…. Jk. I went to practice and really enjoyed it and have since I’ve joined. I’ve become really involved in lion dance and love performing and teaching new members. Random Facts: I’m a Dallas Mavericks fan, because I was born there. I played lacrosse for 4 years. I was a Boy Scout for about 10 years and reached Life Scout. I once won a writing contest.
Trisha Kietikul
Third year – Undergraduate – Animal Biotechnology Option, Linguistics minor
I design a lot of things for publications, including flyers, banners, and shirts with the help of my committee. Then I put them into practice, so look out for our stuff around campus! By random chance, I lived next door to the president and vice president of the club. They put on an impromptu demonstration and convinced me to come out to a practice. I didn’t expect to like it as much as I did, but I’m glad tried out something new! The people are welcoming and friendly and awesome, so of course I wanted to stay. Random facts: My favorite color is green! I greatly enjoy drawing or creating things; the two artists’ concerts I’m saving up for are Joe Hisaishi and Shiina Ringo; and my favorite book of all time is Invisible Cities by Italo Calvino. I hope to one day become a geneticist, but if money wasn’t an issue, I’d be a landscape architect or interior designer.
archimedesLucy Cai
Second year – Undergraduate – Microbiology major, Anthropology minor
As an intern, I am hoping to develop better leadership skills. I first heard about lion dance when I saw them tabling by my dorms freshmen year in Tercero. The lion looked fairly forlorn. I ended up going to the first meeting- I recall thinking Matt was creepy- but the meetings were fun so I kept on coming back. Matt got less creepy as time went on. I loved how lion dance was a very welcoming and fun group. I can honestly say that lion dance is one of my favorite aspects of UC Davis. I’m hoping to become a forensic scientist. Random facts: I am interested in art and wished I had more time for it. I also read whatever is within eye sight, even food labels. I have a crippling fear of spiders. I get confused when Matt calls Lincy, but I respond thinking he’s calling me. Also, I have lungs.
Shirley Ly
Second year – Undergraduate – Biochemistry
As an intern, I am learning what it means to be an officer of GTLDA and gaining leadership skills. I joined the club because I was inspired after watching the Lion Dance Club @ UC Davis perform at Davis Dance Revolution 2011. I was surprised to find that it didn’t matter that I didn’t have any prior experience. Everyone in the club was helpful and encouraging and it felt like a family. Aside from lion dancing, I have worked in a research lab at UC Davis and am also a member of the UCD Pre-Pharmacy Club. I hope to be a pharmacist, but if that doesn’t work out, I’d like to do something I enjoy at the least. Random facts: I was salutatorian in my high school. I am both an American and Australian citizen. I am an avid fan of Studio Ghibli films. Drawing and writing are my hobbies.


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