Previous Officers 2014-2015

Golden Turtle Lion Dance Association Board 2014-2015

Nathaniel Harder

Fourth year – Undergraduate – Biochemistry and Molecular Biology major

Hello! I’m Nathaniel, and I’m the President for the year 2014-2015. In the summer of 2013, a friend, and the president of the club at that time, told me to come out to a practice and soon after that I became hooked. It has been one of the best decisions I made during my time here at Davis.  The acrobatics, the physical aspect, the art and the community can’t be found anywhere else. Random facts: I speak French, I love to cook, I like alpacas, I am a big fan of organic chemistry and telling really stupid jokes.

Catherine Chen

Fourth Year – Undergraduate – Psychology major

Hi! 😀 My name is Catherine and I am the Vice President and Treasurer for the 2014-2015 school year. As Vice President, my job is to be the right hand man for our oh so punny leader, Nathaniel. I provide the extra set of eyes and ears to help make the club the best it can be. Of course, as the Treasurer I handle all the financial affairs of the club. I joined this club wanting to learn more of my own culture and also stayed because everyone is so welcoming and friendly. I love everything involved in lion dance, to put it simply, the music, culture, and dance. Everyone is treated like family and I wouldn’t trade GT for anything else. It has been one of my best college experience and will continue to be! Don’t be afraid to come and try it out. The lions may look fierce but I promise you we all are really friendly. Some fun facts: I was born in Taiwan and can speak Chinglish. I love to laze around during my down time listening to music, watching dramas and anime, and just chilling with friends. I play basketball and water polo (although its rusty since it has been awhile.) If you see me around feel free to say hi!

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Debbie Dang

Third Year – Undergraduate – Nutrition Science major, German minor

As your events manager aka Dungeon Meister, I am responsible for coordinating fun club activities and trips for our members! I first heard about lion dance in high school, where our mother/father/sister/brother/cousin twice removed-group’s (just kidding…what do you want us to call them?) club, FED, was established. I didn’t join because I focused on school, but once I joined GTLDA I immediately regretted not joining FED. But it’s never too late to join! I enjoy devoting my time to lion dance solely because we create a safe and comfortable environment for our members. One aspect I love is that we empower females to lion dance because it is odd to see female lion dancers in other teams. Because this club is not only important to just me but also to our members, I will do everything in my power to keep this club running and fun for everyone. The GT club is my family and I would not trade them in even if Lucifer threatened to rip out my soul. Random facts: I played the violin for 10 years until I stopped in college; I enjoy drumming, practicing yoga; I LOVE food and especially milk tea, and I love feeding people (to fatten them up *wink wink*) to share the delicacy of food; And…I also have this weird relationship with Catherine Chen.

Eva Wong

Fourth Year – Undergraduate – Biological Sciences major with an emphasis in Medical Microbiology

Hi, I’m Eva and the publications officer for the 2014-2015 year! My job is to publicize GTLDA through posters, A-boards, tabling…you name it! I also design necessary apparel for the club, as well as update our many websites. Unlike everyone else who has a cool story, I actually just stumbled upon GTLDA online when looking up a club to join and decided to just go for it. I’m super grateful I did in the end, because I ended up being part of a tight-knit community that gives me never-ending support…and entertainment. The majority of that entertainment comes from partaking and improving in lion dancing  with each other, while the rest is hanging out with these guys. Join us. Random facts: I really love history and going to museums, Chinese painting, and desserts. But I hate cooking.

Minji Lee

Third Year – Undergraduate – Exercise Biology major

Hi there! As the Fundraising Chair for the 2014-2015 school year, it is my job to initiate and manage fundraisers for the club. I had never even heard of lion dancing until I saw GTLDA perform at Davis Dance Revolution my freshman year. I was really interested by the performance, but didn’t think about joining until the next school year, when I was checking out different clubs and heard about GTLDA’s open practices. I was nervous about going to the practices alone, but everyone in the club was so welcoming, and I always had fun lion dancing. Now, I think joining GTLDA was one of my best decisions in college. In my free time, I like to take naps, sew, and play Puzzle and Dragons(PAD).

William Liu
Fourth Year – Undergraduate – Cell BiologyHi, my name’s William and I’m your secretary for the 2014-2015 year! My job consists of updating weekly emails and announcements, reserving rooms, and updating our contacts. Come to me if you want to join our club! I first joined lion dance because some friends pushed me to and boy am I glad that I ended up staying. The environment is so friendly and supportive, it really makes me want to improve more and more! I am grateful for all the wonderful friends I’ve made in lion dance, and how they inspire me to do my best. My hobbies outside of lion dance consist of sports, losing to Minji in PAD, getting slapped by my friends (haha jk XD), and spending time with John.