Previous Officers 2013-2014

Golden Turtle Lion Dance Association Board 2013-2014

IMG_3030 (1)Teresa Chan
Third year – Undergraduate – Genetics major

Hello! I’m Teresa, and I’m the President for the year 2013-2014. As a freshman in 2011, I was searching up fun clubs to join and I came upon Golden Turtle Lion Dance. I hesitated in coming out to a practice until, at a random encounter, I ran into the founding President at another club meeting. With his persuasion, I made it to my first practice. One of the best decisions I made during my time in college. People are welcoming, lion dancing is great (something different from that typical “dancing”) and met amazing people who do amazing things. Random facts: I speak Cantonese and I’m rusty on mandarin (it’s been a while). I watch TVB dramas. I love to crochet. My favorite color is yellow.


ArloArlo Lobascio
Fourth year – Undergraduate – Neurobiology, Physiology, and Behavior major

Hello! My name is Arlo and I’m the Vice President and Treasurer for the 2013-2014 school year. I’m also a fourth year NPB major currently applying to medical school. As Vice President, my job is to be the right hand man for our fearless leader, Teresa. I provide the extra set of eyes and ears to help make the club the best it can be. Of course, as the Treasurer I handle all the financial affairs of the club. I actually started attending practice as a trade with two of my good friends. They would go to lecture and sit with me so I wasn’t bored on the condition that I showed up to practice to try lion dancing! I stayed because everyone I met was very welcoming, and I enjoyed participating in and learning about a culture that isn’t my own. Now, over a year later, I look forward to when I can perform in the next show.
Random facts: I am an Italian citizen, I play ice hockey, baking is one of my biggest hobbies, and I enjoy drinking my coffee black.

DanielDaniel Nguyen
Fourth year – Undergraduate – Chemical Engineering major

As secretary, I update the contacts and mailing list, reserve rooms, and send out the weekly announcements. You can come to me if you want to become a member of our club! 😀 What I enjoy about lion dance are the stunts, the movements, the music, and the culture of it (basically everything). Every time I watch someone lion dance, it always amazes me how I quickly I forget that there are people under that fur, bringing the lion to life. As for my beginnings, I first got started in lion dance because of Melissa Chen (our current Fundraising Chair). At first, I wasn’t sure if I should come out or not, but after coming out to practice the first week of winter quarter, I never missed a practice. The community and the feeling of family is what kept me coming back to GT and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. Random facts: I also came back because the club’s color is purple. :3 I’m into photography and you’ll often see me scurrying around with my camera. I also work at the Tercero Area Service Desk, so if you see me around, don’t be afraid to say hi!

ChrisChris Cong
Fourth Year – Undergraduate – Computer Science  major

Hi, I’m your Events Coordinator and I will be planning some awesome events for the upcoming year! I joined last year during the summer when my housemate and equipment manager, George Feng, invited me to one of the practices. At the time, I was still looking to join a club and had already started going to Wushu practices. Initially, I wasn’t sure if I would stay in either, but week after week, I kept coming back to GTLDA for the great people and the lion dance stunts. Random facts: I pretty much love anything red and I only speak Mandarin at home with my parents. I am a huge fan of basketball and baseball. Some hobbies are playing the piano and sprinting, both of which I have won numerous competitions in. I also have not broken a bone or been nutted during lion dance (knock on wood).

GeorgeGeorge Feng
Fourth year – Undergraduate – Economics major

Hello there! As this year’s Equipment Manager it is my job to make sure that our club always has the equipment that it needs. This means that I will be making new pieces of equipment, maintaining our current equipment and transporting them to any location that we may need to be at. Among the most important of my duties is my duty to ensure that our lions stay in the best condition that we can possibly keep them in, to ensure that you have a fun and safe practice. I first joined Golden Turtle Lion Dance Association because I was looking for something fun to do while meeting new people. Even though I was absolutely terrible at lion dancing in the beginning, I continued going to practices because the people there were so friendly and encouraging. In the course of a year, I have grown to love the people of this club and I have made some of the best memories in my college career to date. Random Facts: I love making things especially 3D triangle origami art when I have the time for it. I also love hacky sacking, and I absolutely LOVE Starcraft 2.

BrendaBrenda Bui
Fourth Year –  Undergraduate-Animal Science and Environmental Toxicology majors, History minor

Hi, I’m Publications! I let people know about GTLDA through posters, flyers, and tabling. I also update the website with new information and design necessary apparel. The first time I learned about GTLDA was when I watched the 2011 DDR Performance. I was surprised to see lion dancing because I thought lion dancing only happened during Chinese New Year’s. Intrigued, I made a mental note to check out GTLDA and I had my chance when I saw several members tabling with a lion at Memorial Union. I earnestly approached them, came to the first quarterly meeting the week after, and I have been a member since. From that time to now, I’ve had a lot of fun lion dancing and hanging out with friends. Random Facts: My favorite animals are turtles and birds. You will often see me wear navy blue, my favorite color. I can never have enough milk tea and I’m a from SoCal!


MelissaMelissa Chen
Third Year –  Undergraduate-International Relations major, Chinese minor

Hi, I’m the Fundraising Chair for the 2013-2014 school year!  As Fundraising Chair, I set up and manage all of the fundraising events during the year!  Honestly, I joined lion dance purely out of curiosity.  That, and I thought that the lions were pretty cute! As a freshman, I promised myself that I would learn some sort of unique “skill” before I graduated.  Low and behold, I ran across GTLDA during my freshman year as they were tabling just outside of the Tercero DC.  Although I was super nervous attending my first meeting alone, I have never looked back since.  In fact, joining GTLDA has been one of the best decisions I’ve made in my college career.  What drew me initially into lion dance was interest, but what kept me to stay to today was the community. Random Facts: I can speak, read, and write in Mandarin Chinese.  Up until college, I would spend my summers in Taiwan almost every year. Currently, I aspire to one day work for the U.S State Department.  I’m super friendly, and I am always up for learning new things! Oh, and I really love dogs; particularly Corgis! 😀


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