Previous Officers 2012-2013

Golden Turtle Lion Dance Association Board 2012-2013

Trisha Kietikul
Fourth year – Undergraduate – Animal Biotechnology Option, Linguistics minor
As president, I manage practices, shows, and anything else that needs to get done. By random chance, I lived next door to the previous president and vice president of the club. They put on an impromptu demonstration and convinced me to come out to a practice. I didn’t expect to like it as much as I did, but I’m glad tried out something new! I came in with zero experience, so really, anyone can learn to lion dance. As for the future, I plan to pursue a PhD in animal genetics and teach in a university. I’m also planning to work on involving design more in science since I love design. Random facts: I really love green, I own no white socks, and I love to draw.

archimedesLucy Cai
Second year – Undergraduate – Microbiology major, Anthropology minor
As an intern, I am hoping to develop better leadership skills. I first heard about lion dance when I saw them tabling by my dorms freshmen year in Tercero. The lion looked fairly forlorn. I ended up going to the first meeting- I recall thinking Matt was creepy- but the meetings were fun so I kept on coming back. Matt got less creepy as time went on. I loved how lion dance was a very welcoming and fun group. I can honestly say that lion dance is one of my favorite aspects of UC Davis. I’m hoping to become a forensic scientist. Random facts: I am interested in art and wished I had more time for it. I also read whatever is within eye sight, even food labels. I have a crippling fear of spiders. I get confused when Matt calls Lincy, but I respond thinking he’s calling me. Also, I have lungs.
Juliette Nguyen
Fourth year – Undergraduate – Exercise Biology
I’m your Events Coordinator for the upcoming school year and I’ll be planning events for the club to hang out. I started Lion Dancing last year after I saw them tabling at the MU. I already knew Matt previous, so I just went to practice and tried it out. I kept coming back. I loved how everyone was so welcoming. I guess I also kept coming back for Kyle, he’s sexy. I specifically chose to be a head so I could stunt with him. Random facts: I love food. I drives busses with Unitrans on campus. I love karaoke and I love to cut hair.
Alan Truong
Third Year – Undergraduate – Microbiology
As secretary, I keep track of the contacts list, book rooms for practices, send the weekly emails, and handle any other paperwork-related tasks. I joined during my sophomore year. After an uneventful freshmen year, I told myself to find a club to dedicate myself to. I came across the club tabling at the quad and decided to give it a shot. Best decision I have made during college. Learning how to dance is fun, the lions are cute, and the people are some of the most awesome peeps I have met. What more could I ask? I’ve made some amazing friends and memories in GTLDA; I regret not joining earlier. Random facts: I really love video games, but my affinity lies more with the 4th and 5th generations than modern day. Despite being my weak point, I love learning languages. I speak English and Cantonese, and I have taken classes on Mandarin, Spanish, and Japanese, with German up next. I did cross country and track during high school.
David Hsu
Fourth year – Undergraduate – Biological Science- emphasis in Medical Microbiology, Physics minor
As Equipment Manager, I help to organize, repair, buy, and/or build anything that our club needs. I helped build the benches and scrolls we use, and maintain the quality of the lions. I also drive everything everywhere because I drive a van. I was coerced by Matt to join lion dance because I lived next door to him freshman year in the dorms. He convinced me I’d be great at it because I had strong legs. And he was completely right…. Jk. I went to practice and really enjoyed it and have since I’ve joined. I’ve become really involved in lion dance and love performing and teaching new members. Random Facts: I’m a Dallas Mavericks fan, because I was born there. I played lacrosse for 4 years. I was a Boy Scout for about 10 years and reached Life Scout. I once won a writing contest.
Brenda Bui
Third Year – Animal Science and Environmental Toxicology majors, History minor
Hi, I’m the Publications Officer! I let people know about GTLDA through posters, flyers, and tabling. I also update the site with new information and design necessary apparel. The first time I learned about GTLDA was when I watched the 2011 DDR Performance. I was surprised to see lion dancing because I thought lion dancing only happened during Chinese New Year’s. Intrigued, I made a mental note to check out GTLDA and I had my chance when I saw several members tabling with a lion at Memorial Union. I earnestly approached them, came to the first quarterly meeting the week after, and have been a member since. From that time to now, I’ve had a lot of fun lion dancing and hanging out with friends. Random Facts: Besides lion dancing, I read, paint, and do origami. I love sushi and I haven’t had my wisdom teeth pulled out. I’m a SoCal girl aiming for UC Davis veterinary school.


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