Officer Bios 2015-2016

Jennifer Tran
JenniferThird Year – Undergraduate – Aerospace Science & Engineering

As president, I promise to bring ice cream to one of the practice… I mean. Hi, I’m Jennifer ;). I joined GT when I was a freshman at college. Before GT, I started lion dancing 8th grade year for my temple, but we didn’t much practice so I was dedicated to finding a college that had lion dance and luckily UC Davis, being my dream college also, had lion dance. I came out to the first practice and I absolutely feel in love with everyone because of how nice and friendly everyone was. GT and lion dance has become my life; there’s not a single day where I haven’t thought about lion dance, even if it’s for a split second. 😛 Random facts: I love to eat chicken, like LOTS of it. Fried chicken, grilled chicken, boiled chicken, ALL CHICKEN. I can fluently speak Vietnamese and read and write enough of it. I like to play videogames like Call of Duty and MapleStory… hehe. I can also be a huge nerd and love to watch mind-blowing videos about physics and math. I like to watch vine videos and share them with Andy 😛 If there is ratchet music playing in Davis, it is either coming from my car or you’ll somehow find me near the area 😀

William Liu
Hi! My name is William Liu and I am the current Vice President/Treasurer for GTLDA.  I graduated in Cell Biology Spring of 2015 but am still in Davis!  I joined GT when I was a junior because my friend that was President at the time asked me to.  I was enamored by how friendly everyone in GT was but it also kind of freaked me out at first.  Afterwards my interest towards lion dance grew once I began preparing for Davis Dance Revolution where we got 2nd place!  If you want to know more about me then just talk to me in person.

Shannon Chee
shannonSecond year – Undergraduate – I’m currently an Animal Science Major but I’m planning to switch to either Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering or Computer Science

Hi there! My name is Shannon and I will be your secretary for the 2015-2016 year. I’m responsible for sending out weekly emails and announcements, reserving rooms for practice/events, and keeping track of paperwork/membership forms – so feel free to come talk to me if you’re interested in becoming a member 😀 In high school, I was a part of a small lion dance group. This experience stimulated my interest in lion dance and a desire to learn more about my culture. Consequently, when I realized there was a lion dance group at UC Davis, I spontaneously ran across a field to obtain a flyer and ended up meeting and befriending a group of absolutely amazing people! They’re all amiable and approachable lion dancers who provide an extremely supportive and fun learning environment. A little bit about me: I’m a pianist/musician, amateur photographer, avid reader and video game/esports enthusiast.

Chelsea Coppock

Second year – Undergraduate – Animal Biology


Chelsea has grown up watching lion dance, starting out with a youth group in her home town when she was just 11 years old. Currently, she is a 2nd year Animal Biology student pursuing a doctorate in large animal veterinary medicine. She thinks she will make a good equipment manager because she’s crafty and has a large truck. Her other interests include crocheting amigurumi figures and telling herself she will go on a run but baking instead.

Andy Nguyen


Third year – Undergraduate -Chemistry with Emphasis in Environmental Sciences

Alohaaa!! My name is Andy and I will be your events and fundraising chair. I will be your go to person for any nom nom adventures and bonding experiences so be on the lookout for them! I was first introduced to lion dancing through Jennifer my sophomore year and I thought to myself, “Why not, this can’t hurt.” When I first came to practice, everyone was very welcoming and overall very friendly. With such positive energy I stuck with it and don’t regret it at all. I have a very big sweet tooth and I love taking naps!! In my free time I like to watch shows and also play all kinds of great games.

Tien Mai

Third year – Undergraduate – Neurobiology, Physiology, and Behavior


Hi! My name is Tien and I will be your publication for 2015-2016. If you have never met me or gotten to known me, you may think I am a quiet Asian girl. But, in reality, I am the complete opposite. Some may describe me as outgoing, sassy, loud, and fun-sized. Did I mention FUNSIZED? Yes like the candy.  I am a third year majoring in Neurobiology, Physiology, and Behavior.  If you ever need help in science classes, I am here. JK, come to me if you want to help me spread awareness about the club. My job in the club is to advertise about GTLDA and publicized all the great things regarding the club.  How did I find out about GTLDA? My best friend Jennifer Tran told me she was going to join and thought that it would be a good idea for me to come to lion dance after my chem lab. She thought it was a good idea because she said we can go to late night after practice and lab. Yano, freshman days with the swipes tho. So I was that random girl who used to come to every Thursday practices usually during music time or circle time joining in and answering the circle time question. In the beginning, I got strange looks from most members and the president of the time. As time passes by, everyone got in the routine of me being there all the time.


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