Announcements for Week of June 1

Sadly this will be my last time writing emails for all of y’all.  It’s been a great pleasure and I had a lot of fun writing interesting stuff to all of you.  Thank you to all the people that made this year such a memorable one and we hope to see you again in the coming year!  For all the graduates, we wish you the best of luck in the future and never forget about us!  Last of all, a big thank you to this year’s board of officers for putting in so much work and dedicating so much of their time for the club.  You guys are the best!

The last practice is tomorrow at the Arc Pavilion the usual place.  Come join us for the last time!!
  • Thank you to everyone who came out today and helped support the club!
  • Thank you to everyone that made the banquet a success and we hope you all enjoyed it!
Fun Fact of the day: I got all my facts from
Study hard and wreck your finals everyone! Good luck!!



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