Announcements for Week of February 2

Hey all, hope everyone’s been studying hard!

Monday Practice will be at the Arc Pavilion from 6-8 pm.
Thursday Practice will be in Giedt 1006 from 7-8 pm and Giedt 1001 from 8-10 pm.
  • If we’re not in Giedt 1006 then we’re probably in Giedt 1001!
There will be no office hours Friday.
  • We’re having an all you can eat hotpot social with Bakuhatsu Taiko Dan!
    • It will be from 6-9 pm on Friday, February 6.
    • Come eat good food and socialize with other people!
    • It’ll be $5 for members and $9 for non-members
    • Additional Information is available on the Facebook event page!
      • If you’d like a ride, please write it on the facebook event.
  • There is currently a poll on our Facebook page for when y’all would like to have the snow trip so check that out!
  • There will be music tryouts for DDR in the near future, so look out for information on that.
Good luck on midterms everyone!



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