Announcements for Week of November 24

Hey all, I hope you’re all studying hard for midterms!

Monday Practice will be at the Arc Pavilion from 6-8 pm.
There will be no Thursday and Friday practice this week due to the holidays!
  • We are having a Dot Island Grill fundraiser on Tuesday, December 9!
    • Check the facebook event for more information!
    • Come out and help support the club!
  • DDR auditions have been pushed back to January, so stay tuned for more information on that!
    • There will be auditions for one lion, a head and a tail.
    • Music auditions will be set at a later date!
    • We really encourage members to try out to grow and learn from the experience!
  • The feiyue orders have arrived, so pay when you can to receive your feiyues!
    • Feiyues cost $12 and please bring exact change. 
    • If you’re writing a check, write the check out to Golden Turtle Lion Dance Association.
Have an amazing Thanksgiving!



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