Announcements for the Week of May 19

Hey everyone! 

Thanks to everyone coming out to play our own version of Family Feud, hope you all had fun! Congratulations to all the performers and paraders today at the Pacific Rim Street Festival. The crowd loved it and took lots of photos, so be proud!


Monday Practice will be at the ARC Pavilion6:10-8pm!
Thursday Practice will be in Giedt 1003 from 7:10-10pm.
Friday Office Hours will be at the 5th floor of Hutchinson parking structure!

  • ALL office hours are from 3-6pm!
  • Our 3rd annual BANQUET will be held on Sunday, June 1st! This year will be masquerade themed in theUCD Conference Ballroom B, 6-9pm.
    • If you would like to help out for the annual Scrapbook, please check out the Facebook event page:
    • If you would like to showcase you or your group’s awesome talent(s), please email for further details!
    • If you would like to help write the sequel to last year’s Pokemon video skit, please email Chris!



  • Penny wars has started! Save your change and bring it to Thursday practices. Groups are posted on the Facebook page!


  • T-shirt orders are here! Pick them up Thursday with your payment.



  • Performers for the May 24th Wedding in Lodi, please check your emails for practice and performance details. 
Don’t forget about the three day weekend coming up!




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