Announcements for the week of May 12

Hey everyone! 

The picnic was a great success, thank you to everyone who showed up and had fun!


Monday practice will be at the ARC Pavilion6:10-8pm!
Thursday practice will be in Giedt 1003 from 7:10-10pm.
Friday Office Hours will be at the 5th floor of Hutchinson parking structure!

  • Music office hours are from 3-4:30pm!
  • and Regular office hours from 4:30-6pm!
  • It’s FAMILY FEUD time!
    • This event will be on Saturday, May 17th!
    • Please fill in the surveys posted on Facebook every Monday and Thursday night.
  • Our 3rd annual BANQUET will be held on Sunday, June 1st! This year will be masquerade themed in theUCD Conference Ballroom B, 6-9pm.
    • If you would like to help out for the annual Scrapbook, please check out the Facebook event page:
    • If you would like to showcase you or your group’s awesome talent(s), please email for further details!
    • If you would like to help write the sequel to last year’s Pokemon video skit, please email Chris!



  • Penny wars has started! Save your change and bring it to Thursday practices. Groups are posted on the Facebook page!


  • T-shirt orders are still on their way.



  • We will be PARADING for the Pacific Rim Festival on May 18th



Have you seen the forecast? 99° on Wednesday. That’s nuts.. drink water!




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