Announcements for the Week of March 31

Hey guys!

Welcome back from Spring Break!! Hope everyone is well rested and ready for the quarter! 

Here are your weekly announcements:


  • Applicants: 
    • Remember, you can apply for more than one position!
    •  Interviews will be held on April 1st, 2014. You should have received an email with the time and location. If not, please email
    • A short (~3 minute) speech will be delivered to the club on April 3rd, 2014. In the speech, please include: 
      • Anything you want the members to know; such as why you are applying and what makes you a good choice for your chosen position/s. After the speech, members may publicly ask some questions of the applicant. Please be dressed in business attire! 
  • Members: 
    • On April 3rd, 2014, you will be casting votes for the new board! Member voting plays an important role in helping the officers select next year’s board. 
    • Questions may be asked following the applicants speech. 
    • If an applicant applies for multiple positions, you MAY vote for that applicant for any relevant positions you see fit. 
    • If there is only one applicant for a position, you do not have to vote them into the position: an alternate option will be a vote of no confidence. 
    • Feel free to ask any officer about the application process or voting!



There will be no Monday this week.
Thursday practice will be in Giedt 1006 from 7:10-10pm. Note: This is the only day this quarter practice will be in this room. Also, please note that practice is now 30 minutes longer than last quarter!
Friday Office Hours will be from 3-6pm at the ARC Pavilion!

  • Interested in drumming, cymballing, or playing the gong?
  • Our first Spring Quarter event will be at Sky High on Saturday, April 19th!
    • Sky High is a Trampoline Park in Sacramento.
  • We will have a GTLDA-style Family Feud event on Saturday, May 17th!
    • Be sure to participate in the survey questions that will be sprinkled in this quarter.



  • Track jackets are here!
    • Please bring $20 to practice to receive your jacket!



Have a wonderful first week of school everyone!




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