Announcements for the Week of April 7

Hey guys!

Hope everyone’s first week of school went well! Onto week two! 

Here are your weekly announcements:


We would like to introduce the incoming 2014-2015 board! 

President: Nathaniel Harder
VP/Treasurer: Catherine Chen
Secretary: William Liu
Publications: Eva Wong
Events Manager: Debbie Deng
Equipment Manager: Carole Granados

We have one more position to fill! Fundraising chair! If you are interested in applying, please send in your application no later than April 10. 2014 by 11:59pm. Applications can be found on the facebook page! Please email applications to


Monday practice will be on the 5th floor of Hutchinson parking structure!
Thursday practice will be in Giedt 1003 from 7:10-10pm
Friday Office Hours will be at the ARC Pavilion!

  • Music office hours are from 2-4pm
  • and Regular office hours from 4-6pm!
  • Interested in drumming, cymballing, or playing the gong?
Congratulations to next year’s new Events Dungeon-Master! Expect some great events next year.

  • Our first event will be at Sky High Sports in Sacramento on Saturday, April 19th! 
    • Details will be posted on a Facebook event later tonight.



  • Look out for t-shirt design and ordering on FB this week! 



Enjoy the warm weather we’re expected! 




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