Announcements for the Week of January 20th, 2014

Hey all,

I can’t believe the 49ers lost! Grr.

Here are your weekly announcements:


Monday Practice will not be held this week.
Thursday Practice will be held in Giedt 1002 from 7-9:30PM on January 23rd.
Friday Office Hours will not be held this week.

  • Note the room and time change for Thursday practice! This is the regularly scheduled room for this quarter.
  • Monday’s going to be Martin Luther King’s, Jr. Day, so enjoy your day off of school!
  • Friday Office Hours are coming back soon!
    • Look out for a poll on Facebook for the time it will be held!
  • Interested in drumming, cymballing, or playing the gong?
    • Email for more information!


  • Congratulations to Justin Yau and Nathaniel Harder! They’re going to be our lion pair for DDR this year!


  • Our Ice-Skating Event this year will be on Saturday, February 8th at the Iceland Skating Rink in Sacramento.
    • Be on the lookout for a Facebook Event with more details!
  • For those who were unable to attend the Secret Santa Gift Exchange, we’ll be conducting a makeup one this Thursday after practice.
  • We’re also hosting another Fancy Pants event this year!
    • We all come out dressing up nice and will probably be karaoke’ing!
    • Get your fancy clothes ready now in anticipation for that event!
  • Everyone on the equipment committee, keep an eye out for a bench painting workshop held by our equipment manager!


  • Thank you for the t-shirt design submissions!
    • The winning design will be announced soon.


  • We are holding a Pho King fundraiser on Tuesday, February 11th!
    • Invite your family and friends to come out to enjoy some Vietnamese cuisine!
  • Performers for the January 24th performance should have received an email from Teresa.
    • If not, contact
  • We have a few upcoming performances!
    • There is a performance coming up for Roseville Senior Living on January 30 at 6PM.
    • We also have another performance in the UC Davis Griffin Lounge on January 31st at 12PM.
    • If you’re also interested in taming for either of these shows, email
    • You also have to be a paid member in order to tame or perform in general.
  • There are store blessings coming up from February 1st-2nd!
    • This is great experience for people who haven’t done a normal performance yet.
    • Matthew Nguyen has graciously opened up his home to us for the night of February 1st.
    • Email to sign up by January 26, 11:59PM.


  • If you want to learn how to fix lions and other equipment, contact our Equipment Manager (George Feng) at
  • If you want to join the Publications Committee, contact our Publications Chair (Brenda Bui) at
  • If you want to pitch fundraising ideas and help organize fundraisers, contact our Fundraising Chair (Melissa Chen) at
  • If you want to help design and plan events, contact our Events Chair (Chris Cong) at

Enjoy your 3 day weekend!

‘Til next week,

– Daniel Nguyen


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