Announcements for Week of 10/7/2013

Hey all!

I hope you enjoyed the first week of practice! If you weren’t able to make it out to practice, I hope you enjoyed your second week of school/first week of October! [Yum! Pumpkin season!]

Here are your weekly announcements:


Monday Practice will be held at the ARC Pavilion from 6-8pm on October 7th.
Thursday Practice will be held in Giedt 1003 from 7:40-10pm on October 10th.

  • Monday practice will be held on the Upper Level of the Pavilion in the Northwest and West sections! It’s across the gym from where we usually have Monday Practices!
    • Go ahead and look for an officer if you’re feeling lost!
  • To give everyone a heads-up, Thursday Practice on October 17th will be held from 8-10:30pm.
    • This change in time will only happen once more this quarter! I apologize for the inconvenience this may cause.


  • Thanks to everyone who came out to the San Francisco 10/10 Day Parade!
    • I hope you guys enjoyed the field trip and saw some amazing lion dancing and music sets!
  • Come on out to our first Fall Quarter event, Variety Games Night, on October 12th, 6-8pm in Giedt 1003.
    • We will be playing tons of games, Asian Game Show style, for a reward at the end!
  • GTLDA is volunteering for the Northern California Warrior Dash on October 26, from 12:30-7pm
    • If you’re considering signing up, please account for an hour for transportation each way!
    • Rides will be provided and there will be a free shirt and free meal for volunteering!
    • If you’re interested, go ahead and email


  • This is our last week of tabling at the MU, sign up and show up to support the club if you haven’t done so already!
  • We’re also tabling for the Activities Fair on October 16th.
    • Look out for doodle for that tabling on Facebook later this week!


  • If you’re interested in performing, we have a few performances coming up! The link to the performance signup sheet is here.
    • We need more performers for the October 19th Wedding. Go ahead and sign up!
    • We also have a collaboration performance with Taiko for Parents’ Day on November 2nd! They’re amazing, so don’t miss this opportunity to perform with them!
    • There is also another wedding on November 2nd! Feel free to sign up!


  • If you want to learn how to fix lions and other equipment, contact our Equipment Manager (George Feng) at
  • If you want to join the Publications Committee, contact our Publications Chair (Brenda Bui) at
  • If you want to help figure out fundraising ideas and events, contact our Fundraising Chair (Melissa Chen) at
  • If you want to help design and plan events, contact our Events Chair (Chris Cong) at


Hopefully, the weather will will be more calm this week! I hope to see you guys at practice!

– Daniel Nguyen


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