Announcements for Week of 8/26/2013

Hey all!
One more week of summer down! Only a few more to go!
Here are your weekly announcements:
Monday Practice will be held in the Mondavi Center Parking Lot, 6-8pm on August 26th.
Wednesday Practice will be held in Wellman 1, 7:10-9:30pm on August 28th.
  • Note that Monday practice will not be held at the ARC Pavilion this week, but rather in the parking lot outside of the Mondavi Center.
    • This is the parking lot directly East of the Mondavi Institute (cluster of Food Science buildings). It’s also south of the large parking structure south of the Mondavi Center.
  • There are still some track jackets longing for their owners! ]:
    • Pay our lovely Arlo during Wednesday practice to claim your jackets.
  • The camping trip is now finalized! We’re going to Fallen Lake in Lake Tahoe from September 14th to September 16th.
  • Don’t be shy about signing up for performances! The signup page can be found here.
    • If you’re worried your lion dancing skills are rusty, there will be practices prior to the performance to make sure everything is down pat.
  • If you want to join the Equipment Committee, contact our Equipment Manager (George Feng) at
  • If you want to join the Publications Committee, contact our Publications Chair (Brenda Bui) at
  • If you want to join the Fundraising Committee, contact our Fundraising Chair (Melissa Chen) at
  • If you want to join the Event Planning Committee, contact our Events Chair (Chris Cong) at
Have a great week, and see ya next time!
 – Daniel Nguyen

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