Announcements for the Week of 8/19/2013

Hey all!
I hope this past week has been delightful!
Here are your weekly announcements:
Monday Practice will be held at the ARC Pavilion, 6-8pm on August 19th.
Wednesday Practice will be held at Wellman 1, 7:10-9:30pm on August 21st.
  • Thanks to all those who came out to the super fun Laser Tag outing!
    • Look out for a survey coming out soon.
  • Official signups for camping are up! The trip will take place Saturday, August 14th to Monday, August 16th.
    • The signup google doc is here.
    • More details will be posted later this week on the Facebook Event Page.
  • There are track jackets that are waiting to be picked up!
    • Pay Arlo during Wednesday practice to receive this wonderful new addition to your wardrobe.
  • Performances galore! Feel free to sign up for any of the many performances we have coming up in Fall.
    • We are also in need of cymballers for the September 12th International Conference!
      • Don’t be afraid to sign up! There will be practices prior to the performance to polish your cymballing.
  • If you want to join the Equipment Committee, contact our Equipment Manager (George Feng) at
  • If you want to join the Publications Committee, contact our Publications Chair (Brenda Bui) at
  • If you want to join the Fundraising Committee, contact our Fundraising Chair (Melissa Chen) at
As the weeks of summer count down, the time until we all see each other again lessens!
‘Till next week,
Daniel Nguyen

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