Announcements for Week of 4/29/2013

Hey all, here are your announcements for this week.

Monday Practice: Monday, April 29th from 6PM-8PM at ARC Pavilion
Thursday Practice: Thursday, May 2nd from 7:40PM-10:00PM at Giedt 1003
  • GTLDA Auction is this Friday at 7:30PM in Giedt 1002!  Check the Facebook group for the items and their starting bids, and invite your friends!
  • We will be performing at Tercero Talent Night this Saturday!  Come out and watch!
  • We will be having a lion repair workshop.  If you are interested in learning a little about lion repair, then this is for you.  Still tuned, details to be announced.
  • Penny Wars continuing on Thursdays.  Remember that pennies are positive, and other coins are negative.
  • We would like to have dinner entertainment at banquet!  If you would like to perform (sing, dance, juggle, stand-up comedy, illusions, etc), please email Juliette
    • Group performances are welcomed too!
  • We are also planning a small skit to record and play at banquet.  If you are interested in participating, email Juliette!  No prior acting skills required.
  • If anybody records any performances, please send the video to Brenda (USB, email, etc) so that it may be uploaded to the group’s YouTube.
See you all at practice!

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