Announcements for Week of 4/8/2013

Hey all, here are your announcements for this week.

Monday Practice: Monday, April 8th from 6:10PM-8:00PM at ARC Pavilion
Thursday/DDR/Dragon/Cymballing Practice: Thursday, April 11th from 7:10PM-9:30PM at Mondavi Center Parking Lot
David’s Office Hours: Friday, April 12th from 4PM-6PM at ARC Pavilion
DDR/Dragon Practice: Sunday, April 14th from 3:00PM-5:00PM at Giedt
  • For DDR, there are extra practices on Tuesday from 10:30PM-12:30AM and Friday from 9:30PM-11:30PM.  Both practices will be at the Mondavi Center Parking lot unless otherwise noted in the Facebook group.
    • Cymballers will have a separate practice; Trisha will email you separately.
  • We will be performing for APCN this Friday; come watch and support!
  • DDR Repair Day is next Sunday, April 14th from 6:30PM-8:30PM at Giedt 1007!
  • DDR is fast approaching, come out and support us on April 20th!
  • Good job to all 5K Stride performers!
  • Family Feud this Saturday, April 13th!  See the Facebook event for more details.
  • We will be doing a collaboration performance with Taiko on April 28th!
  • If you want to help with spring banquet planning, email Juliette at
  • If you are interested in purchasing a track jacket, please like Brenda’s post on the GTLDA Facebook group so that we may get a headcount.
  • We are holding a GTLDA Auction/Raffle on Friday, May 3rd!  We are accepting donations of items to auction off.  If you would like to donate something to be sold during the auction, sign up on this Google Doc.
  • Rules of Penny Wars!
    • Pennies are positive points.  You’ll want to donate these to your own team.
    • Everything else = negative points.  These go towards other teams.
    • You want your team to score the most positive/least negative.  You can donate money during practices.
    • There will also be a last chance to attack other teams at the Spring Banquet, but not saving yourself with pennies.
    • This is a club fundraiser.  All of the money donated will go towards funding club activities and equipment.
    • There will be a surprise prize for the winning group.
    • Teams:

      Trisha’s: Arlo, Teresa, Sam Lin, Melissa, Michael, Shyun

      Lucy’s: Chris, Jacob, Shirley, Matt, Catherine

      Alan’s: Cyp, Jason Mak, Teresa, Sam Siu, Serena, Justin

      Juliette’s: Daniel, Kerry, Victor, Edmond, Betty, Vivian

      Brenda’s: Debbie, Kyle, Jason C, Fiona, Johnny H, Ana

      David’s: Emily, Quan, Danica, Meo, Kaliee, Lincy

      If there is anybody missed that wants to participate, email Lucy at

See you all at practice!
-Alan Truong


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