2013 Officer Applications!

Hello, all!

It’s time to bring in the new board! This year we’ve moved up our officer elections to the end of winter quarter. Officer training will take place in spring quarter after April 20th.


There are seven positions open for the 2013-2014 school year: President, Vice President/Treasurer, Secretary, Publications Chair, Events Coordinator, Equipment Manager, and Fundraising Chair. The responsibilities of each position are detailed on the application, but feel free to contact any of the officers for more information. 🙂

This application will be due on Saturday, March 8th either by handing it in to an officer or by electronic submission to
goldenturtleliondance@gmail.com. Submissions to any other email will be ignored.

Please note that there is formal interview process you must be available for. You will be notified by March 9th if you
are accepted to interviews. 🙂 Also, you must prepare a short speech (no more than five minutes) to give to the club on Thursday, March 14th. There will be a short Q&A afterwards with questions from the audience. Details about the speech contents will be given at your interview.


What are the requirements of an officer?

– Fulfill all member requirements
– Participate in officer practices every Sunday 2-4 PM
– Participate in officer meetings every other Sunday 4-5 PM
– Be attentive and open to learning and teaching
– Exemplify the principles of the mission statement
– Commit to having the club’s best interests at heart

How are the officers elected?

The decision is 80% by the board after interviews and 20% by popular vote by all members. Tiebreakers are decided by the executive board.

Can I be an officer if…
… it’s my last year at Davis?
Unfortunately, no. You must be staying as an undergraduate at least one more year in Davis to apply.

… I don’t think I’m good at lion dancing?
Absolutely! Your physical skill will not affect your application.

… I’m not a member?
No. To be considered becoming an officer, you must already be a member.


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