Announcements for Week of 2/10/2013

Hey all, here are your announcements for this week!

Optional Practice: Monday, Feb. 11th from 6:10PM-8:00PM at ARC Pavilion
Weekly/DDR/Dragon Practice: Thursday, Feb. 14th from 7:10PM-9:30PM at Mondavi Center Parking Lot
Matthew’s Music Office Hours: Correction, there will be no music office hours this week.
David’s Office Hours: Friday, Feb. 15th from 4:00PM-6:00PM at ARC Pavilion
DDR/Dragon Practice: Correction, there will not be DDR/Dragon Practice this upcoming Sunday, Feb. 17th because of store blessings.
  • Last day to sign up for store blessings is tomorrow.  Send an email to Trisha ( if you are interested!
    • We will go over the required skills for store blessings on this Thursday.
  • Reminder: Dragon practices are every Thursday (during weekly practice) and Sunday (see above) now.
    • Another reminder: Thursday weekly practices are going to be at Mondavi Center Parking Lot from now on.
  • If you signed up for paw making but have not picked up your paw packets yet, contact David for them.
    • In addition, please pay Lucy $5 for the paw making supplies please!
See you all at practice!
-Alan Truong

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