Announcements for Week of 2/3/2012

Hey all, here are your announcements for this week.

Optional Practice: Monday, Feb. 4th from 6:10PM-8:00PM at ARC Pavilion
Weekly/DDR Practice: Thursday, Feb. 7th from 7:10PM-9:30PM at Mondavi Center Parking Lot
David’s Office Hours: Friday, Feb. 8th from 4:00PM-6:00PM at ARC Pavilion
  • Please note the changes in the weekly practice.  Due to DDR practice, Thursday practices will now be at the Mondavi Center Parking Lot.
    • Also note the reversion back to our old 7:10PM-9:30PM practice time.
    • Dino practices will also take place at this time and place, so please come if you plan to perform.
    • If you do not know the location of the parking lot, here is a link to a map.
  • The last day to sign up for store blessings is on Feb. 14th!  To sign up, email Trisha! (
See you all at practice!
-Alan Truong

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