2013 Intern Applications!

Hello, all!

We are happy to announce that we will be taking on two interns for the rest of the year. This is a great way to gain experience if you are planning on becoming an officer or just to get more involved with the club.


This application will be due on Friday, January 4th either by handing it in to an officer or by electronic submission to

Please note that there is an short interview process you must be available for. You will be notified by January 6th if you
are accepted to interviews. 🙂


What do interns do?
Interns will learn the inner workings of being an officer in GTLDA. While they will be exposed to the responsibilities of
all officers, interns will pick one position to focus on. They will shadow that officer for the remainder of the year. They
will be expected to take on responsibilities to help run the club that can vary anywhere from creating an event to planning
a fundraiser.

What are the requirements of an intern?

– Fulfill all member requirements
– Participate in officer practices every Sunday 2-4 PM
– Participate in officer meetings every other Sunday 4-5 PM
– Be active in learning all aspects of becoming an officer
– Be attentive and open to learning

Can I be an intern if…
… it’s my last year at Davis?
Unfortunately, no. You must be staying at least one more year in Davis to apply.

… I don’t think I’m good at lion dancing?
Absolutely! Your physical ability will not affect your application.

… I’m not a member?
No. To be considered becoming an intern, you must already be a member.


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